• In Happiness makes profit, one of the most admired leaders of the Brazil brings together his lessons extracted from autobiographical passages – that always emphasize the importance of the family in our lives – to teachings that go against the traditional management and break paradigms. He believes, for example, that injecting capital into the training of his staff can generate the bad habit of inertia. Márcio believes that investing in the improvement itself overcomes obstacles. In this way, these employees will certainly perform better, gaining a prominent place in the hierarchy of the company. A book rich in ideas and provocative in its essence.

  • In The end of the vicious circle, Márcio Fernandes shows how anyone – the intern who is only in the beggining of his journey up to the CEO – can apply the Philosophy Management in his life or in business. The first step is to break inertia, which gains a lot of strength in times of crisis like nowadays. The next steps are the creation or identification of a purpose and the exercise of the central pillars of his philosophy – BELIEVE, PRACTICE, IMPROVE and SHARE. At the end of the course of the “virtuous cycle” proposed by the author, the reader will become the leader of his own life, maximizing his happiness and that of everyone around him, at home and at work.